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New South Wales
Western Australia
Northern Territory
South Australia

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What is this place, Australia? This destination so near the bottom of the world and the top of mind of all who visit. It is a place as comfortable as your own language and as exotic as the world's oldest culture. A land where not just contradictions run wild. Here, you'll brake for some of creatures in evolution's menagerie.

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It is an experience with its own soundtrack of haunting didgeridoos and laughing Kookaburra calls. It's where adventure comes wet or dry, stimulating or contemplative - with the whisper of wind against ancient stone or the roar of white water under a dense rainforest canopy. Where you can catch a ride on a giant potato cod today and a turn-of-the-century street car tomorrow.

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Australia is revelation and relaxation. Fun and fantasy. Wilderness and wine country. Where a Pleasant surprise waits around every corner you take and a friend is made with every hand you shake.

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Cruises and Travel of Spokane has an "Aussie Travel Specialist" on staff that is an experienced Australia/ travel planner.  For more information on Australia, States and Territories, use the navigation bar on the left.

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