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Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some concerns that hold people back from having the vacation of their lifetime:

"I'll be bored"

The best way to answer this concern is to show you a typical days activities on board a cruise ship.

Please remember, you can choose to do as many activities as you wish or just relax on a lounge chair and watch the world go by.

The above activities were for a day at sea. When you are docked in a port of call, there is a new country to visit. You can go on your own or choose from a wide variety of shore excursions.

Many cruise lines now offer a days stop at their private island. These are fun in the sun and sea locations with many, many water activities to enjoy.

"I'll get seasick"

First and foremost, the captain of the ship does not want his passengers to go home feeling ill. With the most up-to-the-date weather gathering data equipment available, he will steer clear of inclement weather as much as possible. All ships have stabilizers that help smooth out the rolling motions.

If you are still concerned, there are medications to use as well as seabands (which use the principle of acupressure on your wrist to relieve any feelings of unpleasantness).

"I'll eat too much"

This can be a problem. But remember you are on vacation!

A cruise is also a great time to experiment and taste new food dishes. As the following menus illustrate there is a wide variety on the menu. Try something new - if you don't like it, you can ask your wait person to take it back and bring something else. Try that in a restaurant on land!

For those of us that want to avoid the extra pounds, there are several avenues you can take. At each meal there are many choices of food from salads to entrees. Each cruise line has lowfat entrees on the menu. All ships have wonderful fitness centers. Here you can continue your workout program as if you were at home either with exercise equipment or fitness classes.

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Click To View a Sample Menu

One cruise line, Carnival, is so confident that you will have a good time, that they GUARANTEE it! "If you are not satisfied with the cruise experience, all you need to do is notify us before arrival at the first port of call. You will then debark at the ship's first non-U.S. port of call. Carnival will refund the unused portion of the cruise and pay for your flight back to the port of embarkation."

How can you beat this!

Have a great cruise!

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