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University at Sea is a joint effort of CONTINUING EDUCATION, INC. and HOLLAND AMERICA LINE to develop and present accredited continuing education programs for professionals in disciplines including Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Finance, Architecture, Engineering, and others.  These programs are designed for the specific purpose of allowing the busy professional  to obtain the educational course credits required to maintain licensing , while at the same time enjoying a family holiday   without spending too much time away from his or her practice.


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Additionally, a entire series of programs have been developed for people who wish to enhance their travel experience with education.  These courses, while substantial are not intimidating. they include a wide variety of subjects including courses on  Investing, the Internet & Computers, Elder Law, Politics, Art, Music and History, just to name a few.  While anyone may receive credit for taking these courses, their primary purpose is to enhance the overall travel experience.

You do not need a college degree or any particular experience to participate and enjoy these courses. There will be no homework, nor any tests. Each participant will receive a Course Book, a University at Sea Shirt and a Certificate of Completion, but most importantly, you will receive an educational experience available exclusively with the University at Sea.  We simply incorporate everything you love about learning and place it on an extraordinary "campus."

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