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Cruise Confused?

Thank you for clicking on this page. If you haven't cruised before, you might have some concerns and questions. The following information will hopefully answer your questions concerning the price of a cruise. If there are still some left unanswered, please contact us so we can resolve them. We want to add a personal touch to your decisions.

The Cost of a Cruise

One of the most frequent comments is a cruise costs so much (probably being compared to a land vacation). We want to prove this wrong! Please read more.

When you take a cruise, one low, prepaid price covers it all. (As compared to a land vacation where you are constantly taking out your wallet to pay for hotel rooms, meals, and entertainment.) All your meals are included. Every shipboard activity is included. Even the entertainment is included. The fact is, compared to land vacations, a cruise is free from most added expenses, hassles, agitation, reservations and transportation worries - not to mention the tiresome job of packing and unpacking between exotic locales.

As floating resorts, cruise ships are fabulous destinations in themselves, offering everything you would expect in a great resort on land:

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Fine dining

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Dazzling entertainment
Activities galore

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When was the last time you paid so little for so much?

If that were all that a cruise includes, it would be a great deal. But cruises can be sold as packages which include:

round trip air - usually at a great price

transfers from the airport to the dock and back

hotel accommodations, if necessary to arrive at the port of departure a day early. It all makes for a seamless trip from your city to the ship at the dock.

And there's one element that distinguishes a cruise from all other vacations. That's the voyage itself. That may sound obvious, but think about it. You're being transported from port to port in the most civilized fashion possible. You do what you like, eat what you like, sleep as long as you like and then you're someplace new. It's an experience no hotel can offer.

Back to the price. Lets do a simple price comparison of a cruise versus a land vacation (based on two people):

Seven Day Cruise- Western Mexican Seven Days in Hawaii
Cruise Price $1840 NA
Hotel Room Included $1085
Air Fare
(from Seattle)
$ 598 $1040
Meals Included $644
Activities & Entertainment Included $100
Beverages $70 $88
Gratuities $63 $95
Taxes/Fees $119 $85
Total $2690 $3137

So you not only get a lot of vacation for your money on a cruise, but you're able to anticipate costs and plan you budget in a way no other vacation allows, from transportation and accommodations to meals and entertainment.

If you have any questions please feel free to
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