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Southern Caribbean
Northern Europe
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Western Mexico

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White washed isles blessed by an ageless light. Classical temples and Renaissance treasures. Golden odysseys of myth and legend. Warm winds and warmer smiles. If this is what quickens your pulse, come with us as we explore the world's most romantic sea.

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Glamorous journeys to ancient capitals and legendary isles lapped by a cerulean sea. Go west like the merchants of Venice and meet the kings and conquistadors of Spain. Stroll along the star-studded promenades of Cannes and the sun-splashed quays of Italy.

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Or head east to Ionian shores. Mykonos. Santorini, Rhodes and Malta. Ponder the Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza. Discover the holy sites of Jerusalem.

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Further east still you can visit the city that straddles two continents: Istanbul, with its Byzantine legacies and lively, laughing bazaars. And then sail on to ports fabled and unfrequented-the jewels of the Black Sea.

On these beautiful Mediterranean voyages, Odysseus and Marco Polo come to mind. For like these long ago sailors, you too will uncover places you scarcely imagined before. And return with memories that are rich and everlasting.

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