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A tapestry of history and myth is woven into the craggy shores of Northern Europe. It blankets the fjord lands with trolls and Viking lore, emblazons city skylines with castles and guild houses, and embroiders fairy tales and fables into the gentle landscapes of Denmark and Holland. Inside the grand museums you can meet the masters of the Northern Renaissance: Rembrandt, Bosch an Durer; the Ban Eycks and Van Dycks and Van Gogh.

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Here, in summer, the aurora borealis casts a rosy glow far into the evening hours, creeps down cobbled lanes, winds past medieval alleyways, and joins revelers in outdoor cafes toasting the all-too-brief summer sun.

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You can combine England and Ireland with Scottish bagpipes or French Bordeaux, or sail the Baltic to royal cities and majestic fjords.

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Imposing in its grandeur, striking in its natural splendor, Northen Europe is like a fairy tale come true.

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