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It was the social event of the year, a grand affair reserved for the privileged few-European royalty and wealthy tycoons, rubber barons and perhaps an Arabian sheik or two. There were glittering balls and wonderful concerts, elegant tea parties and card games like whist and rummy. And there were gala banquets, where passengers dined amid sparkling chandeliers and Belgian linen and Linmoges, summoning servants with the flick of a wrist.

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Things are a little different today on a transatlantic voyage. The facilities are, of course, far more contemporary. The activities more upbeat and active. The service perhaps not quite as deferential. Still, cruising as a fine art has not been lost at sea.

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Come with us as we sail between the Old World and the New. Rediscover the glory and nostalgia of a bygone era as we cross the waters of the Atlantic.

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Whenever you sail, there has never been a more elegant way of visiting the Continent, or a more leisurely, relaxing way of returning home.


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